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PA daily: Average salaries for male and female Palestinian workers

Article by Bashar Daraghmeh:
“Secretary-General of the Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions Shaher Saed said that workers are suffering a great injustice, in particular when it comes to [the fact that] the law of minimum wage is not being implemented…
Saed explained that despite the law of minimum wage having been approved, and despite all the reservations about it, it is not being implemented in the way it had been authorized. He called for staunch legislation that will obligate employers, so that the law will be enforced and so that there will be supervision of this issue…
A study prepared by the Arab World for Research & Development (AWRAD), found that…27% of workers work for less than 750 shekels per month, 32% make between 750-1,500 shekels, approximately 20% make between 1,500-2,500 shekels per month and the rest (20%) make more than 2,500 shekels. The lowest salaries are in the Gaza Strip and the highest in Jerusalem. The average salary for women in the workforce is 1,000 shekels, in other words, less than half the salary of male workers, which is 2,040 shekels.”

Note: Apparently the data refers to the private sector and does not include PA workers because the item refers to workers and laborers, not to civil servants and clerks. The average monthly salary the PA pays to its civil servants is 2,882 shekels (approx. $790).

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