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PA daily columnist: Palestinians are the only real enemy of Israel

Article by Fuad Abu Hajla:
“Israel’s new aggression against Syria has revealed what we’ve been saying over the years of no-fighting along the borders between occupied Palestine and the independent Arab entities, for Israeli bombers flew in the Damascus skies with complete freedom, and were not fired upon by Syrian anti-aircraft, just as happened in all previous cases of Israeli attacks on Syria.
The response of the tottering regime was as comical as were the [responses] to all previous attacks when it was strong. ‘We shall respond at the appropriate time!’ The regime, of course, never responded and never fired its Russian or Iranian missiles at Israeli targets, because these missiles are designated for use when punishing residents of Syrian cities. Neither will the Syrian opposition react [to Israeli attacks] because the free forces are bogged down as they blast regime positions and win control of border crossings to neighboring countries. The Al-Nusra Front sees Israel as the ‘People of the Book’, and has committed itself to Jihad against the infidels of the [Syrian] regime. And the Muslim Brotherhood is busy getting itself ready to pluck the fruit of the ‘Syrian spring’… The Arab League, no criticism implied, also stands really strong when it reacts to aggression – by issuing a statement. The states of the Arab Spring don’t hide their glee when Israel attacks Syria, and the states of the Arab Autumn don’t want to get involved out of a fear that an American Spring might get to them…
In the shadow of this devastation, Israel can conquer Syria and all the states of the region unopposed, since the Arabs are divided in their opinions about everything, and have agreed among themselves to protect Israel. [Israel] has not a single enemy in a Middle East that is becoming more and more Americanized, other than us – those of us on our homeland and [those of us] scattered among the nations of the world, stuck in their throats like a bone.”