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PA daily op-ed: “Christ… is a Canaanite ‎Palestinian…killed by the Jews”‎

Op-ed by Columnist for official PA daily ‎Adel Abd Al-Rahman:
     ‎“Easter… is not a holiday for Christian ‎Palestinians only, but a holiday for ‎Palestinian nationalism, because Christ ‎may he rest in peace, is a Canaanite ‎Palestinian. His resurrection, three days ‎after being crucified and killed by the ‎Jews – as reported in the New Testament ‎‎– reflects the narrative of the Palestinians, ‎who struggle against the descendants of ‎modern Zionist Judaism, in its new ‎colonialist form, that conspires with ‎Western capitalists who claim to belong to ‎Christianity.‎
Christ, may he rest in peace, the virtuous, ‎patriotic, Palestinian forefather, who ‎renewed the Old Testament, split away ‎from its followers, founded his New ‎Testament and spread it among mankind. ‎This led the Jews to persecute him until ‎they caught him, crucified him and then ‎murdered him. Afterwards, he rose from ‎the dead like the phoenix and began to ‎disseminate his teachings that still exist ‎and will exist as long as mankind exists.‎
Christ’s story is his people’s story. The ‎Zionist movement – tool of the capitalist ‎West – wanted to falsify historical facts, to ‎exile and crucify the Palestinian Arab ‎nation and then murder it through ethnic ‎cleansing… but the Palestinians, Christ’s ‎descendants, rose from the ashes, like the ‎phoenix, from the ruins of the Nakba (i.e., ‎‎“the catastrophe,” the Palestinian term for ‎the establishment of the State of Israel) ‎and the Naksa (i.e., "the setback," ‎Palestinian term for Israel's victory in the ‎Six Day War.) They dressed their wounds ‎and raised the flag of nationality again by ‎founding political parties and factions…‎
The first day of Jesus’ resurrection (i.e., ‎Easter) is a distinct national holiday that ‎relates not only to Christians but to all ‎Palestinian believers of the different ‎religions – Islam, Christianity and ‎Judaism.”‎