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PA daily: Israel's building in its Negev region is also a "settlement"

"The order given by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to freeze construction in West Bank settlements may pave the way to a thaw in the frozen peace process, but it does not mean that Israel has acceded to Palestinian, Arab, or international demands. Quite the opposite. It constitutes a settlement trick... At the same time the so-called 'Ministerial Committee for Legislation' approved the outlines of the 'Prawer Law' that will bring about the expropriation of hundreds of thousands of acres and the uprooting of 35,000 Arab citizens from their homes and lands in the Negev. The significance is that the Netanyahu government has not decided to freeze settlement, but has transferred it to the Negev. This will bring about an explosion and a confrontation with the Palestinians in the interior (i.e., Israeli Arabs in Israel)."
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