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Abdallah Barghouti, planner of suicide bombings that killed 66, honored on PA TV

PA TV host: "Oh father of Abdallah Barghouti, your son is certainly a hero, in all our opinions. And Allah willing they will live lives of freedom soon. All their hopes, and aspirations and the purpose for which they are in fact in the occupation's prisons, Allah willing, will be fulfilled soon."
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Note: Abdallah Barghouti - serving 67 life sentences for preparing explosives for terror attacks in which 67 people were murdered: Sbarro restaurant (15 killed, Aug. 9, 2001), Sheffield Club (15 killed, May 7, 2002), Moment Café (11 killed, March 9, 2002), triple attack at Ben Yehuda pedestrian mall (11 killed, Dec. 1, 2001), Hebrew University (9 killed, July 1, 2002), and Bus 4 in Tel Aviv (6 killed, Sept. 19, 2002).

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