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PA TV: Raise Palestinian flags over Israeli cities "so it will be clear... that this is Palestine"

PA TV narrator: "On the anniversary of the Nakba (“the catastrophe,” Palestinian term for Israel's establishment), May 15, we will raise the Palestinian flag at the entrance to every village and city in Palestine to declare that this land is the Land of Palestine, and that the occupation will never stop us from adhering to our Palestinian national principles. We will raise the flag of Palestine at the entrance to every village and city – Jaffa, Nazareth, Haifa, Acre, Lod and Ramle (Israeli cities). The flag will be raised in all towns on Nakba Day. We’ll raise the flag from lamp posts, on rooftops, at city squares, at crossroads and on traffic lights. Most important is that it be raised at the entrance to the city so that it will be clear to everyone that this is Palestine."
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