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Killer of 84 year-old man praised as a "heroic giant" on PA TV

PA TV narrator: "On July 4, 1992, the occupation's forces arrested him and the military court sentenced him to life in prison. The sentence was unjust for this giant hero, who brought pride to all humanity with his struggle. Our hero, Faraj Al-Rimahi, is still writing the finest epics of endurance, heroism and self-sacrifice..."
Al-Rimahi's wife: "Praise Allah, by Allah, we are proud of him everywhere. We are proud of him. By Allah, he is a good man, praise Allah."
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Note: Faraj Saleh Abdallah Al-Rimahi was a Fatah terrorist. He beat 84 year-old Avraham Kinstler to death with a hoe. He is currently serving one life sentence in prison.

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