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Released prisoner attempted self-‎immolation because he didn’t qualify for ‎a PA salary

Headline: “Released prisoner attempts ‎self-immolation in Gaza because the ‎‎‘permanently unemployed’ clause does ‎not apply to him”‎
‎“Director of prisoners’ affairs in the ‎Ministry of Prisoners’ Affairs, Bassam ‎Al-Majdalawi, confirmed to the ‎Prisoners’ Center for Studies (Al-Asra) ‎that released prisoner Ismail Shehadeh, ‎‎56, attempted self-immolation in the ‎Ministry [of Prisoners’ Affairs’] offices in ‎the Gaza Strip because the ‎‎‘permanently unemployed’ clause does ‎not apply to him as it does to other ‎released prisoners who served a similar ‎prison term. Majdalawi told the ‎Prisoners’ Center for Studies that the ‎Ministry [of Prisoners’ Affairs’] office in ‎Gaza submitted his file several times, ‎and the Ministry and Finance Ministry ‎dealt with the issue, and that it is still ‎being processed.”‎

Note: According to the independent Al-‎Bayader newspaper:‎ “The PA Ministry of Prisoners’ and ‎Released Prisoners’ Affairs via the ‎Finance Ministry, pays a monthly salary, ‎under the ‘permanently unemployed’ ‎clause, to released prisoners who spent ‎over five years in the Israeli occupation ‎prisons, consecutively or inconsecutively ‎and to unemployed people in the public ‎sector (civilian or military) so as to ‎enable them to provide for themselves ‎and lead a life of dignity.”‎