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Terror victim's father demands Norway take action against PA salaries to terrorists

NRK TV reporter Tormod Strand: "Israeli Arnold Roth is on his way to Parliament to tell a story of terror. His daughter Malki never made it past her 15th year because a Palestinian suicide bomber blew himself up in this pizza restaurant in Jerusalem in 2001. The person responsible for making the bomb - Abdullah Barghouti - is now in Israeli prison. Palestine honors hundreds of Palestinian prisoners, including many terrorists, with a monthly salary. Abdullah Barghouti receives every month 10,000 [Norwegian] kroners from Palestine. Arnold Roth is meeting politicians in Parliament who are interested in the prisoner issue.Norway, which gives large sums to Palestine, must demand an end to [the payment of] salaries for terror, says Malki's father."

Arnold Roth, father of terror victim: "At two o'clock on that afternoon on a school holiday, they were standing next to the counter placing their order, when a young man with a guitar case - it wasn't really a guitar case, it was filled with explosives - walked in. The explosives in that guitar case were made by Abdullah Barghouti, who is the most highly paid recipient of Norwegian generosity in the Israeli prisons today."

NRK TV reporter Tormod Strand: "Several times in recent years, the Foreign Ministry has denied that Palestine pays salaries to terrorists. But NRK can now report that already in 2004, the Palestinian Finance Minister Salam Fayyad wrote an article in which he openly spoke about the program for salaries to terrorists, among others."

MP Peter Gitmar (Conservative party): "Fayyad is one of the most important Palestinian politicians, one of our main contacts, and it is hard to believe that the Norwegian Foreign Ministry has not caught this."