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Children on PA TV express right of ‎return “by force to our lands” (i.e., ‎Israel)‎

PA TV program Palestine this Morning:
Host: “Yesterday [May 14, 2013] three ‎municipalities, Ramallah, Beitunia and El-‎Bireh, held a joint wall painting ‎‎[workshop]. Maisa Ayyad was at the event ‎and prepared the following report.”‎
Girl: “We came here to paint and express ‎our right of return to the 1948 territories ‎‎(i.e., Israel).”‎
Boy: “I’m from Jaffa. I came here to ‎express my opinion to the Palestinian ‎people, because of the occupation that ‎Palestine is subjected to.”‎
PA TV host: “Tell us Tareq, where are you ‎a refugee from?”‎
Tareq: “I’m from the village of Sataf in the ‎Jerusalem district which was destroyed in ‎‎1948 with weapons. And, Allah willing, ‎we will return by force, we will return by ‎force to our lands. Allah willing, Allah ‎willing.”‎
PA TV host: “Allah willing.”‎

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