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PA TV guest: “Palestine is ours from ocean to ocean”

PA TV program Palestine this Morning. Special Nakba Day broadcast. Interview with Palestinian writer from Lebanon, Hanan Bakir:
PA TV host: “To commemorate this sorrowful event (i.e., Nakba Day) what message do you want to send to your grandchildren, your readers?”
Bakir: “Palestine is ours from ocean to ocean. It should continue to live in our memories, and we must bequeath this memory to future generations, just as we bequeath the land. And what they say -- that ‘The young will forget and the old will die’ -- obviously [this saying] has been proven wrong, because all those who die as Martyrs (Shahids) and struggle for Palestine belong to generations whose fathers and maybe even grandfathers weren’t born in Palestine and don’t know it (the land).”

Note: Nakba (“catastrophe”) is the Palestinian term for the establishment of the State of Israel. “Nakba Day” is commemorated yearly by Palestinians on May 15, the date in 1948 when the State of Israel was declared.