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Palestinians were “expelled by force and ‎terrorism, as a result of the Zionist ‎conspiracy”‎

‎“On the 65th anniversary of the Nakba (“the ‎catastrophe,” the Palestinian term for the ‎establishment of the State of Israel), Director ‎of the Abdallah Al-Hourani Center for ‎Research and Documentation, and advisor ‎to the president (i.e., PA Chairman Abbas), ‎Dr. Kamal Al-Sharafi, emphasized the right ‎of return and compensation for the refugees ‎according to the international institutions’ ‎resolutions. ‎
He said that the union between the land ‎issue and the refugee issue has been the ‎foundation of the PLO’s national program ‎for 65 years… and the struggle to redeem ‎the land has become the same struggle for ‎the right of return of the Palestinian ‎refugees, because the Palestinian refugee ‎issue still stands before us tangibly in the ‎refugee camps in the Interior [PA territories] ‎and in the diaspora, as a living testament ‎reminding us of the Palestinian Nakba of ‎‎1948. [He added that the Palestinian ‎people] wait and yearn to return to its land ‎from which it was expelled by force and ‎terrorism, as a result of the Zionist ‎conspiracy. ‎
He emphasized that UN resolutions 181 ‎and 194, which constitute an international ‎foundation that guards the refugees’ right to ‎their land, their right to their property and ‎their right to compensation, must be ‎adhered to.”‎