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PA daily op-ed: Israel’s establishment by "Nazi Zionist units" was “worst ‎crime in history” and will end

Op-ed by Baha Rahal. Headline: “The Nakba”‎

‎“65 years, and the pain has not stopped, ‎the occupation has not disappeared and ‎the sorrow in our hearts has not subsided. ‎The world never supported truth or acted ‎justly towards the victim, but continued ‎supporting the criminal, the murderer ‎and the oppressor. It continued to adopt ‎the occupation and its ideology and ‎support its policy of racism and settlement ‎and its acts, which were based on a theory ‎of uprooting an entire nation from its land ‎and country. This world is still an ‎accomplice to the biggest crime since this ‎entity was imposed on us and on our soil ‎and committed the worst crime in ‎history… ‎

May 15 is Nakba Day, the day of exile, the ‎day of expulsion and uprooting the ‎Palestinian people from its soil and ‎homeland, from its towns and its villages ‎destroyed by the Hagana and Stern units ‎‎(i.e., Jewish pre-state armed defense ‎units), and other Nazi Zionist units, that ‎expelled the inhabitants by armed force, ‎wanton killing and bloodshed. ..‎
They carried out dozens of massacres ‎against the inhabitants, the owners of the ‎land, which they burned and seized using ‎all methods. And so it happened that an ‎entire nation was exiled, while the world ‎remained silent and the confused Arab ‎armies were dismayed as they retreated ‎before the greatest theft in history, before ‎the most criminal act humanity has ever ‎seen... ‎

‎[This occurred] with premeditated, evil ‎intent and in accordance with ‎commitments from Western countries ‎who hide beneath pretentions of ‎culture, democracy and values of ‎tolerance. They gave these criminal ‎groups cover and facilitated settlement in ‎a land that is not theirs, to which they ‎have no right, and will never have [any ‎right] …‎
‎65 years, and we have not forgotten the ‎warm breeze. We have not forgotten the ‎hymn of life in you, oh Palestine. We ‎remember you… As long as we remain far ‎from you, until we return, and life is ‎renewed within us and renewed within ‎you, and all the transient ones [Israelis] ‎will leave.”‎

Note: The Nakba - “the catastrophe,” ‎Palestinian term for the establishment of ‎the State of Israel.‎