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Fatah official: Past agreements with ‎Israel must be reevaluated

     ‎“During his participation in a rally ‎commemorating Nakba Day in the Jenin ‎District, member of Fatah Central ‎Committee, Sultan Abu Al-Einein said: ‎‎‘We must reevaluate the agreements ‎signed with the Israeli occupation that ‎has repudiated all these agreements.’‎
Abu Al-Einein added: ‘An occupied nation ‎that relinquishes its rights will not attain ‎what is rightfully theirs, and will not have ‎a state.’‎
‎…The Nakba Day commemoration events ‎began with a visit to the Iraqi Army Martyrs’ ‎cemetery… and were attended by District ‎Governor of Jenin Talal Dweikat, members ‎of the Fatah Revolutionary Council, ‎members of the Palestinian Parliament ‎‎(i.e., Legislative Council) and ‎representatives from the district’s national ‎action factions and authorities.‎
District Governor Dweikat conveyed ‎President Mahmoud Abbas’ greeting to ‎those participating in the Nakba [Day] ‎events. ‎
He said, on behalf of the President ‎‎[Abbas]: ‘We declare that whoever ‎relinquishes the right of return or any ‎Palestinian principle, including the ‎prisoners’ principle, is not from among us ‎and is not one of us.’‎ [‎…‎]
He added: ‘Despite the fact that 65 years ‎have passed since the Nakba and despite ‎the fact that the occupation entity (i.e., ‎the State of Israel) was established on the ‎ruins of 580 Palestinian villages, and ‎despite scores of resolutions made by ‎international institutions, the occupation ‎repudiates all this and the world remains ‎silent in view of the Palestinian nation’s ‎suffering.’ ‎
He added: ‘Despite all this, this is our ‎divine promise. While the occupation was ‎founded according to Balfour’s promise ‎‎(i.e., the Balfour Declaration), our right to ‎Palestine is proved by a promise from ‎Allah.’‎ [‎…‎]
Abu Al-Einein said: ‘During the passage ‎of all this time, after the occupation ‎repudiated all treaties and agreements ‎and in light of the settlers’ recently ‎escalating crimes, we maintain our right to ‎self-defense. Therefore, self-defense ‎committees must be established in every ‎village, city and refugee camp.’ He said ‎that these committees’ task is to make sure ‎no assaulting settler leaves peacefully ‎after attacking any village in Palestine.”‎

Note: The Balfour Declaration of Nov. 2, ‎‎1917 was a letter from British Foreign ‎Secretary Arthur Balfour to Baron ‎Rothschild stating that “His Majesty's ‎government view with favour the ‎establishment in Palestine of a national ‎home for the Jewish people” and is seen ‎as the basis for later international ‎commitments to establish the State of ‎Israel.‎
The Nakba - “the catastrophe,” Palestinian ‎term for the establishment of the State of ‎Israel.‎