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‎“We cannot live without Haifa, Acre and ‎our beautiful Palestinian cities” –‎ Committee for Commemorating Nakba ‎Day

Headline: “Thousands mark the painful ‎‎65th anniversary of the Palestinian ‎people’s Nakba, its being killed and being ‎displaced”‎

By Nael Musa

     ‎“Multitudes from the Ramallah and El-‎Bireh districts, together with their ‎leadership, emphasized the Palestinian ‎nation’s devotion to the right of return to ‎the homeland and to the lands from which ‎they were displaced in 1948 and to the ‎right of compensation according to UN ‎Resolution 194, because this is the most ‎important principle and the basis of the ‎Palestinian cause. ‎
Thousands, too many for Martyr (Shahid) ‎Yasser Arafat Square to hold, called out in ‎one voice: ’I swear to the great Allah that I ‎will remain loyal to the right of return and ‎make every effort to preserve this right and ‎to protect it… and I will not agree to any ‎alternative to statehood and to the return. ‎Allah is witness to my words.’‎ [‎…‎]
The General Coordinator of the National ‎Committee for Commemorating Nakba ‎Day, Muhammad Alyan said: ‘Our people ‎have suffered and still suffer great pain ‎and [many] tragedies because of the ‎continuing Nakba and the occupation that ‎is supported by nations and powers of evil ‎and aggression, partners in causing our ‎people’s Nakba and tragedy.’‎
He added: ‘We are here… to proclaim our ‎devotion to the right of return and to our ‎nation’s other rights and to realize these ‎rights by establishing an independent ‎state and repatriating more than seven ‎million Palestinian refugees.’‎ [‎…‎]
The Committee’s General Coordinator ‎emphasized that our people will not forget ‎its Martyrs (Shahids), prisoners and ‎homeland.‎
He said: ‘We cannot live without Haifa, ‎Acre and our beautiful Palestinian cities. ‎We will not compromise our right of return ‎or [right to] statehood.’”‎

Note: The Nakba - “the catastrophe,” ‎Palestinian term for the establishment of ‎the State of Israel.‎

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