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Boys in Silwan are proud to make Molotov cocktails and throw rocks

“Milad was like any boy who sees the guys going out. I mean, the boys in Silwan, they don’t want to just go out and play or go to places where there are sports or anything like that. Always, for them, their only game or activity is making Molotov cocktails or throwing rocks. Those are the things that everyone brags about and is proud of doing. Milad always used to go out with the boys. We, of course, didn’t know. Mother sensed a bit that he went out to throw stones and was up to something. And when he came home, he would always say, ‘I didn’t do anything’...
A week before he died as a Martyr, Milad wrote a few posts on Facebook with the guys about yes martyrdom, or no martyrdom, and about the third Intifada (i.e., terror campaign). There was a thing on Facebook [proclaiming] the third Intifada.”

Note: Milad Ayyash - 17 year-old Palestinian who was shot and killed during a violent demonstration in the Silwan neighborhood of East Jerusalem on May 13, 2011. Ayyash's family claims the shots came from a building in a Jewish neighborhood that borders Silwan, but the official Israeli investigation never confirmed the source of the gunfire. Ayyash's family refused to allow an autopsy or to hand over the bullets to investigators.