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PA TV calls murderer of 60-year-old Israeli civilian “brave fighter”‎

PA TV program In a Fighter’s Home ‎episode in the home of Amru ‎Mahmoud Ahmad Hamil.‎
PA TV host: “Welcome, beloved ‎viewers, to In a Fighter’s Home and to ‎an episode about the brave fighter ‎Amru Hamil…‎
And so, with the conclusion of our ‎episode for fighter prisoner Abu ‎Khaled Amru Hamil from Bardala, and ‎on Palestinian Prisoners’ Day, we ‎wish freedom to our brave prisoners ‎and for them to remain resolute.”‎

Note: Amru Hamil – serving a life ‎sentence and an additional five years for ‎stabbing and murdering 60-year-old Simha ‎Ron (April 27, 2001) with an accomplice.‎