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Hamas arrested men in Gaza because long hair not considered “masculine”

Headline: “We won’t take human rights [organizations] into consideration” – Hamas’ Ministry of Interior: ‘We will keep an eye on anyone contributing to lowering the level of masculinity’ in Gaza”
     “Minister of Interior in the deposed Hamas government, Fathi Hammad announced that his Security Forces ‘will keep an eye on anyone contributing to lowering the level of masculinity’ in the Gaza Strip,’ hinting to growing trends among youth that Hamas believes are not in line with the conservative nature of society in Gaza. He emphasized that his government will not acknowledge the human rights organizations’ criticism of the matter. He added: ‘We will not take the human rights [organizations] who are receiving funds into consideration.’
…During a speech made yesterday [May 21, 2013], at a graduation ceremony for officers of the National Security Forces in Gaza, Hammad… added: ‘He who attempted to make a crack in masculinity – must leave. He has no place among us and we have our special methods, which we will put to use, Allah willing.’
Hamas aroused concern among human rights groups last month regarding basic freedoms. According to a statement by the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, police forces belonging to it [Hamas] arrested several young men, cut their hair and forced them to sign a guarantee stating that they would not grow their hair or wear pants revealing part of their underwear.”
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