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Rajoub defends his statement about using nukes on Israel

PA TV program: Circle of Events
PA TV interviewer: Amira Hanania.
Guest: Deputy Secretary General of Fatah's Central Committee, Jibril Rajoub

PA TV interviewer: “The statements you made in Beirut on the Al-Mayadeen TV station had a lot of impact, according to them ‘We are Israel’s enemies and if we had a nuke we’d have used it…’ I hope you’ll clarify the picture because Israel condemned the [statements] and at the time the Palestinians did not.”
PA official Jibril Rajoub: “Madam, first of all I don’t care what Israel says, I care about what serves the Palestinian people’s interests. The Palestinian people have been living under an occupation, a racist, fascist, vile, inhuman occupation, for 46 years. The Palestinian people, for 65 years have lived in refugee camps in living conditions that in my opinion require the entire international community to stand up …
If the Israelis will not reexamine their conduct, we are definitely talking about a popular uprising, talking about demonstrations and the like. However, certainly we won’t go to the Israelis with a white flag [but] they should expect that the continuation of their crimes will push us, not to despair but to determination, faith and we will use anything we can…
I, true, the interviewer [from the Al-Mayadeen TV station] asked me and I answered in the same manner and with those words and even now I say to the Israelis, if there won’t be a reexamination of your conduct on your part, a saying in Hebrew states: ‘kill or be killed,’ we won’t be killed, we’re not Jesus, true, we come from Jesus’ apostles but we, our future and our government and our identity are being trampled under the criminal terrorist settler dogs’ feet. I’m certain that if Hitler would come again he would learn from them the art of breaking the will of the people, humiliating the people, [making the] people suffer, destroying the people and massacres. The world should come see the city centers of Hebron and Nablus…
If we name streets after our Martyrs (Shahids), we will name after [Martyrs] to spite you. These are our Martyrs and our land. We are those who will give names and determine the framework… 
Twenty years ago our picture looked like one thing, a decade ago there was a different picture and today there is another and different version of our picture. The world today has begun to be convinced that we are a victim and that they are the criminals and hangmen. Under the rays of the sun Israel has been revealed to be a foreign and threatening body that threatens the region’s independence, threatens the world’s peace and threatens the world’s values and interests.”

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