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Fatah official glorifies terror leaders and declares: “We will protect [our land] until the last drop of blood”

“President of the Arab-American University, Dr. Mahmoud Abu Muis welcomed Fatah Central Committee member and General Commissioner for Mobilization and Organization, Mahmoud Al-Aloul…
Al-Aloul said: ‘Every free Palestinian is proud of this institution of knowledge that was inaugurated on the first day of the Al-Aqsa Intifada (i.e., PA terror campaign 2000-2005) in order to tell the occupation that Palestine is our land, we were created on it and we will protect it until the last drop of blood.’ He added: ‘Today, as I view classes of promising young people, I assert that the Arab-American University is a factory for young leaders and for true belonging to this homeland, for whose freedom thousands of Martyrs (Shahids) fell, foremost among them Martyr and symbol Yasser Arafat, [Ahmed] Yassin, [Fathi] Shaqaqi and Abu Ali Mustafa.’”

Note: Ahmed Yassin - founder of the Hamas terror movement.
Abu Ali Mustafa - General Secretary of the terror organization “Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine” (PLFP). The PFLP, which rejected the Oslo Accords (1993), planned and carried out numerous terror attacks against Israeli civilians since its founding in 1967 and throughout the Palestinian terror campaign between 2000- 2005 (the Intifada).
Fathi Shaqaqi - founded the Islamic Jihad organization, which has carried out about 1,000 terrorist attacks, killing about 150 people and injuring approximately 950. He was killed in 1995 in Malta.