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Abbas claims PA is committed to peace and has fulfilled all signed treaties

Excerpt from Abbas’ speech at the World Economic Forum in Jordan:
 “Palestine has a spiritual and religious status and an extraordinary geographic location. This is the land of the three monotheistic religions, the land of peace, to which hundreds of millions of people turn their eyes…
In a few days, 46 years will have passed since the occupation of the West Bank, eastern Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip. After 20 years of negotiations, the Israeli government still misleads, procrastinates, and evades the demands of peace. Nevertheless, we still say that we want a comprehensive and just peace, and want to reach the two-state solution, [two states] which will reside peacefully side-by-side, in accordance with the legitimate international resolutions, the Road Map and the Arab Peace Initiative. Everyone knows that we have fulfilled all our obligations in accordance with the signed treaties, that we have clarified our positions and intentions, and done everything required of us….
I am sending a message from here to our Israeli neighbors – ending the occupation of our land, releasing our prisoners, withdrawing the settlers and settlements, and dismantling the racist separation fence are what will establish peace and ensure security for you and for us. There is still a chance to make this peace, so let us turn this peace into reality, so that our present and future generations can enjoy its fruits and live in its shade.”

Despite Abbas' claim here that Israel is "the land of the three monotheistic religions," a month prior to this speech an Abbas representative denied Judaism's connection to Jerusalem as "myths, claims, and false fables." To read more, click here.