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PA official blames Israel for diseases among prisoners

Headline: “Karake: ’The prisoners live in a ‎state of anxiety and worry because of the ‎increase in diseases among them’”‎
‎“Minister of Prisoners’ Affairs, Issa Karake ‎said that the prisoners in the occupation’s ‎prisons live in great anxiety and worry ‎because of the increase in dangerous ‎diseases among them in the past few years.‎ Karake demanded that the Israeli prisons ‎be declared as unhealthy places that do ‎not meet international and humanitarian ‎criteria as detention centers… Yesterday [May 26, 2013] Karake visited the ‎families of sick prisoners from the Hebron ‎District… The visit included the family of ‎Mahmoud Sharha Abu Saleh from the town ‎of Dura in the Hebron District, who was ‎sentenced to 22 years and suffers from ‎growths in his throat, and the family of ‎prisoner Munif Abu Atwan who suffers from ‎problems in his cornea and needs a ‎‎[cornea] transplant. In addition, the ‎delegation visited the family of prisoner ‎Na’im Al-Shawamreh, in the town of Dura, ‎who suffers from speech difficulties and the ‎family of prisoner Maher Abu Rayyan from ‎the town of Halhul who suffers from acute ‎breathing difficulties and weight loss.��‎

Notes: Maher Abu Rayyan - Islamic Jihad ‎activist serving 25 years in prison for ‎planning many terrorist attacks, including a ‎shooting at a bus on the Halhul bypass road ‎in June 2003.
Munif Abu Atwan - serving 5 life sentences for involvment in the 2002 ‎Otniel terror attack, in which 4 yeshiva ‎‎(rabbinical seminary) students were killed.