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Abbas decorates arch-terrorist who planned massacres of children

PA TV newsreader: "President of the State of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas decorated Secretary General of the Democratic Front [for the Liberation of Palestine] Nayef Hawatmeh with the highest order of the Star of Honor."
PA official: "By the authority vested in us, and for the public good, we have decreed the following:
'Brother Nayef Hawatmeh is decorated with the highest order of the Star of Honor in recognition of his important national role in service of the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian people, and in recognition of his efforts to raise the flag of Palestine since the launch of the Palestinian revolution, through the stages of the ongoing struggle. [Signed by] Mahmoud Abbas, President of the State of Palestine.'"
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Note: Nayef Hawatmeh is the Secretary-General of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP). The DFLP carried out many deadly terror attacks, including the taking of schoolchildren as hostages leading to the killing of 22 children and 4 adults in Ma’alot (May 15, 1974), an attack on a school bus killing 9 children and 3 adults (May 22, 1970), a bombing in Jerusalem killing 7 (Nov. 13, 1975), the killing of 4 hostages in an apartment building in Beit Shean (Nov. 19, 1974) and a suicide bombing near Tel Aviv killing 4 (Dec. 25, 2003). DFLP has participated in and claimed responsibility for dozens of other terror attacks.

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