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Historian on PA TV says Britain is “our foremost enemy”

PA TV program: Palestine this Morning
Topic: Collecting rare coins.
Guest: Writer and Historian Salim Al-Mebayed.

Al-Mebayed: “The coins [issued by the British] were inscribed with the word ‘Palestine’ in Arabic, ‘Palestine’ in the Hebrew language or prattle and ‘Palestine’ in English. Where’s the tragedy? Where is the British conspiracy? Our foremost enemy on earth is Britain.”
PA TV Host: “Britain.”
Al-Mebayed: “Because it is Britain that sowed this body. Then France and today the USA nourished it – Where was the conspiracy? They wrote ‘Palestine’ in Arabic and they wrote ‘Palestine’ in Hebrew and between two small brackets they put, a Hebrew ‘E’ and ‘I’ – an acronym for the words ‘Eretz Yisrael’ (Land of Israel).”