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Israel attempts “to steal Jerusalem’s history, culture and heritage" and “empty the holy city of its original residents”

Headline: “The Islamic-Christian Council warns of a massacre in the form of the demolition of 450 Jerusalem homes”
“The Islamic-Christian Council for Jerusalem and the Holy Places warned yesterday [May 28, 2013] that the occupation’s authorities intend to formulate a systematic policy to implement demolition orders for 450 homes in occupied East Jerusalem. It noted that occupation authorities have demolished over 25,000 homes in the Palestinian territories since the occupation in 1967 and that since the beginning of the year, 40 homes have been demolished in occupied Jerusalem alone.
The council stated that the overall objective of the occupation authorities and governments for generations has been to empty the holy city of its original residents, to draw as many radical settlers to it and settle them in it. This is done in order to obscure the city’s Arab-Palestinian character, to Judaize every part of it and to steal Jerusalem’s history, culture and heritage, so that it will become the unified capital of the Jews and the State of Israel.”