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Fatah official calls terrorist Hussein Fayyad a “hero” and criticizes Fatah for not giving him “his due”

Op-ed by Khaled Mismar, a Fatah member of the PLO's Palestinian National Council:
Headline: “I’m taking responsibility for this, Hussein Fayyad”
“Who hasn’t heard of him?
Who hasn’t heard about the sheikh of fighters, Hussein Fayyad?
This hero, who challenged the occupation and spit in his executioners’ faces, hero of the Dalal Mughrabi operation, the Martyr (Shahid) Kamal Adwan operation (i.e., most lethal terror attack in Israel’s history in 1978).
I had the honor of meeting him a few years ago during the Hajj (i.e., pilgrimage) season. He was part of the Palestinian delegation from Algeria, that same fighter, gifted with humility, the trait of the first Fatah men.
He was in good spirits despite the disregard he encountered towards anything related to his living conditions in Algeria. He was certain that Fatah’s leadership would not neglect him and would honor him and give him his due. He managed to get the leadership to make important decisions [on his issue] but the organization and administration in Ramallah ignored these decisions and forgot about them, which is the way they treat people such as this brave fighter.
I don’t know what the reason is and for how long they will ignore the rights of this hero, who is not alone in this.
I call on our brother president (i.e., Mahmoud Abbas) to put an end to this and to give anyone deserving rights those rights. I wonder where the person responsible for veteran military self-sacrifice seeking (Fedayeen) fighters is. Is there no file for them in the Fatah Central Committee?
It is a disgrace that we allow heroes to grow old without honoring them and without giving them their rights so that they can live the remainder of their lives with dignity!”