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Israel’s goal is to destroy sports infrastructure make Palestinian sports fail

Article by Bader Maki:
     “[President of the Palestinian Olympic Committee and senior PA official] Jibril Rajoub will present an urgent argument concerning violations committed by the Israeli occupation against Palestinian sports, specifically football, during the FIFA (the Fédération Internationale de Football Association) congress … The Israeli occupation in the Palestinian territories is the biggest challenge that sports in Palestine contends with, and its aim is to make it [Palestinian sports] fail as a result of activities the world has rarely seen and the destruction of the sports infrastructure. This is an attempt to control our sports activity through the daily and systematic steps, actions and means used by the occupation’s authorities.
It is possible that what the president of the Hebrew entity’s Football Association, a guy called Avi Luzon, does is designed for this purpose; he came out strongly against Jibril Rajoub – accusing him of attacking Israel in all international forums, and he demanded that the president of FIFA, Mr. Blatter, not allow the Palestinian Football Union to raise political issues during FIFA’s congress in Mauritius. Luzon maintains the policy of lies adopted by his government [by saying that] ‘The Israeli association does all it can to assist Palestinian athletes.’ Likewise, he asked president of UEFA (the Union of European Football Associations), Michel Platini, not to allow the Palestinian Union to use sports to present its problems …
…The sister states and the friendly [ones] – and there are many of them! – must say their piece about the matter and take out a red card to the racism and disrespect of human rights adopted by this entity (i.e., Israel) against the nation of giants (i.e., the Palestinian people).
The time has come to end this farce harming the game of football…
The time has come to stop this accursed union (i.e., the Israel Football Union)…
How miserable is the European Union, that the USA – biased in the entity’s [Israel’s] favor – controls its political decisions. We hope that its decisions about sports will be freed [from American pressure] and that it will stand up to this entity… And then, maybe, this entity will leave Europe (i.e., UEFA) just as it left Asia (i.e., the Asian Football Confederation) in the 1970s and will play in the American league. We won’t be sorry.”