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Jibril Rajoub: Israel is committing the “Holocaust of the 21st century” on the Palestinians

Deputy Secretary of Fatah’s Central Committee Jibril Rajoub held a press conference about the FIFA Congress on June 7, 2015.

Deputy Secretary of Fatah’s Central Committee Jibril Rajoub: “We are not working on the assumption that the righteousness of the [Palestinian] cause is enough. We won’t succeed while we stand against a narrative which dominates human awareness, namely the Holocaust. This group [the Jews] presents itself as a victim. I believe that what they are doing to us is the Holocaust of the 21st century, but we are not capable of spreading our narrative to the world.”

Note: Jibril Rajoub is Deputy Secretary of the Fatah Central Committee, Head of the Supreme Council for Sport and Youth Affairs, Chairman of the Palestinian Football Association, and Chairman of the Olympic Committee.