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PA daily: Investigations reveal Arafat was poisoned and France covered it up

Headline: “Citing a French newspaper –Lebanese [newspaper] Al-Diyar: ‘Arafat was murdered by a chemical substance sprayed on his pillow’”
“The Lebanese Al-Diyar newspaper stated that the investigations in France [regarding Arafat’s death], as reported by a French newspaper, found that he was poisoned. [The newspaper also stated] that the French physicians determined the type [of the poison] and that it is a chemical substance. The newspaper added that French authorities refused to publish this matter so as to avoid a conflict with the Israelis. Therefore, former President of France, Jacques Chirac decided to leave the matter as one of France’s biggest secrets.
Military and security circles believe that a simple, colorless and odorless chemical substance was sprayed on the pillow on which Arafat slept and that this is the reason the poison entered his ear and skin pores.
The newspaper noted that France will not publish any findings but will leave the role of exposing the truth to the court and will only submit the blood test data and pictures, without providing information about the chemical substance, due to Israeli pressure.”