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Mothers sending sons off to die as Shahids are great women

Sheikh Yusuf Jum’ah Salameh, Minister of the Waqf [Islamic Trust], in the presence of PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and other senior PA members:

“Al-Khansa, this noble woman… The day she lost her brother Sakhr [before she adopted Islam] she began crying and shouting in anguish. She recited: ‘The sunrise reminds me of Sakhr, and I remember him with every sunset, and had there not been around me all the mourners for their brothers, I would have killed myself’. This was during the Jahiliyah [pre-Islam period].
“When Allah filled her heart with love for Islam, and it became full of faith, things changed. She sent her four sons, her offspring, to battle, to Qadisiyah [near Iraq] as a service to this religion. When she was notified that they had become Shahids (Died for Allah), she said, ‘Praise Allah, who granted me honor with their deaths. I pray that he will take me to them at the place where His mercy dwells...’.
This is a great woman. This is a noble woman. Have you seen how Islam changed her behavior, her virtues, and her poetry?...”

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