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PA Minister Karake visits homes of two convicted murders

     “[Minister of Prisoners’ Affairs Issa] Karake said that the Israeli government is responsible for the [hunger] striking [prisoners’] health and lives, especially following the transfer of prisoner Abdallah Al-Barghouti to a hospital in Afula (city in Northern Israel) as a result of his deteriorating health. Karake’s words were said during his visit to the families of prisoners Muhammad Al-Rimawi and Tamer Al-Rimawi in the village of Beit Rima in the Ramallah District. He also visited the family of prisoner Tamer Rasem Salim Al-Rimawi (32) who is serving three life sentences and who had been wounded before his arrest. (Tamer Al-Rimawi’s name is repeated here, apparently mistakenly. Ed.).”

Notes: Tamer Al-Rimawi – serving 3 life sentences for murdering an American-Israeli woman in 2002.
Muhammad Al-Rimawi – serving a life sentence for his role in the murder of Israeli minister Rehavam Zeevi “Ghandi” in 2001.
Abdallah Barghouti - serving 67 life sentences for preparing explosives for terror attacks in which 66 Israelis were murdered - Sbarro restaurant (15 killed, Aug. 9, 2001), Moment Café (11 killed, March 9, 2002), and the triple attack at the Ben Yehuda pedestrian mall (11 killed, Dec. 1, 2001).
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