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PA calls on Ferrari to cancel Jerusalem auto show, calling it a "cover up" for Israel's “crimes”

Headline: “The PA demands that Ferrari cancel its participation in Jerusalem’s auto show”
“The [PA] Ministry of Information demanded yesterday [June 9, 2013] that Ferrari, a company specializing in [manufacturing] Formula 1 race cars, cancel its participation in an auto show to be held by the occupation municipality in Jerusalem this month.
A Ministry press release said that holding Formula 1 races in Jerusalem on the 13th and 14th of this month constitutes ‘a continuation of the occupation’s unceasing war against Jerusalem [that it has waged] since taking control of it.’
The Ministry said that the planned activities in which a Ferrari team will participate and that will be sponsored by Kaspersky Lab can be no more than a cover up for the occupation’s crimes, and [a kind of] exploitation aimed at enabling blatant Judaization schemes and at falsifying facts.’ It added that ‘sports should be a message of peace, and not another chapter in the sequence of war, banishment, and creating faits accomplis.’”