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“Not a single remnant connects” Jews in Israel “to the land”

Article by Jihad Al-Khazen, originally published in the London paper Al-Hayat. It was republished in the op-ed section of Al-Hayat Al-Jadida:
“The Canadian government is Israel’s ally, meaning it is the Arabs’ and the Muslims’ enemy – even if they deny it – since it supports the fascist, racist state that occupies Palestinian lands, kills, expels, and destroys…
I am amazed that the Canadian nation doesn’t lift a finger. Sarcasm is all I can come up with, and so I say to myself that the cold must prevent the Canadian citizen from thinking, and that allows his government to do as it pleases…
What appears above is my own personal opinion about Canada, its policies and its government.
I call on all Arab states, and the Islamic states along with them, to follow in the footsteps of Saudi Arabia and begin a gradual boycott of Canada.
But what is important about a boycott of Canada is that the Canadian citizen will [be able to] cover up with a blanket providing a little warmth, allowing him to ponder the situation where his government incites 1.5 billion Muslims from all over the world against his country…, just to establish relations with one occupation state of six million, when in all of Palestine there is not a single remnant that connects [those six million] to the land.”