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Fatah official: “Anyone who removes resistance from the struggle” is “ignorant”

Headline: “Abbas Zaki: ‘The two-state solution has withered away and Kerry has failed his mission’”
“Member of Fatah Central Committee, and Commissioner of Arab Relations and Relations with the People’s Republic of China, Abbas Zaki said that the two-state solution has reached its end and has withered away, in accordance with Israeli criteria. He wondered which two states ‘Israel’ is talking about when it maintains that Jerusalem is its eternal capital and it continues to settle and steal lands and deny the indisputable rights of our people…
Regarding the PA’s options since no [political] settlement can be seen on the horizon, Zaki said: ‘We are not captive to the American or the Israeli decision. We must struggle to rid the occupation from our land.’ He described anyone who removes resistance from the struggle, as ‘ignorant’.”