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Fatah: Abbas “responded angrily” to US demand that Abu El-Einein be fired for glorifying a murderer

On May 2, 2013, Abbas advisor Sultan Abu Al-Einein glorified a murderer who killed an Israeli father of five. In response, five members of US Congress wrote a letter to Abbas demanding Abu Al-Einein be removed from office. However, Abbas did not do so.
Headline: “The US demands Sultan Abu Al-Einein be fired from Fatah’s Central Committee”
“An exclusive source disclosed that the American administration… sent an angry letter to the Palestinian presidential office demanding that Central Committee Member Sultan Abu Al-Einein be dismissed from Fatah. The source noted that the American Congress had instructed the American State Department to convey this letter and to call on President Mahmoud Abbas to fire Abu Al-Einein following his (Al-Einein’s) visit to the home of the man who had killed an Israeli settler. The source said that President Abbas resisted pressures put on him and spoke angrily in the wake of American intervention in internal Palestinian matters.”

Note: Sultan Abu Al-Einein is an advisor to PA Chairman Abbas on NGOs and a member of Fatah Central Committee. This article was also posted on Abu Al-Einein’s Facebook page.

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