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Congressional request that PA official who glorified terror be fired is "American arrogance"

Fatah in Lebanon, website  |
Headline: "Fatah's Lebanese branch rejects the American Congress' request to deport one of its leaders from Palestine"
"This request testifies to American arrogance, to the unqualified preference for the Zionist occupation, and the insistence to ignore the Palestinians' national rights and principles, to judge things always on the basis of the American-Israeli strategic alliance, and on protecting Israeli security.
We express our solidarity with Mahmoud Abbas, the President of the State of Palestine, and we declare before him that we are loyal soldiers on the way of the struggle that he is leading in the footsteps of the symbol Yasser Arafat. Similarly, we salute brother Sultan Abu Al-Einein, a member of the Fatah Central Committee who in the past led the [Fatah] movement in Lebanon. The brave and principled stands that brother Sultan Abu Al-Einein embodies are the least we can do to express our devotion to Palestine, to our people, to our cause, and to our revolution that will continue until victory."
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