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Poem on PA TV: Israel “spread corruption” and “killed the children of Gaza”

PA TV program Good Morning Jerusalem. Guest: 15 year-old poet, Arin Abdullah.
PA TV host: “What else would you like us to hear about now?”
Arin: “About the prattle of a Zionist, about the Zionists.”
PA TV host: “About the Zionists.”
Second PA TV host: “Please.”
Arin: “A prattling Zionist,
A prattling Zionist philosophizes in the plazas (i.e., of the Al-Aqsa Mosque)
And says: ‘Jerusalem is ours and in it is Solomon’s Temple’ [… ]
All day long they fabricate things that do not really exist.
The young woman is deprived of her happiness at her wedding because of the tank that enters the neighborhood and brings destruction.
A boy grows up as an orphan because conscience and feeling are lacking…
Is their [the Zionists’] departure from the land of Canaan not close, leaving the people to live in freedom and in peace?
Yesterday they spread corruption and accused us of terrorism
They killed the children of Gaza,
As they called for a ‘hudna’ (ceasefire) and to make peace.
In the name of your God, is this [a normal] situation?”
PA TV host: “Thank you Arin.”
Second PA TV host: “Arin, may you be blessed.”