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Fatah is “the movement of armed struggle”

From the Facebook page of Sultan Abu Al-Einein, advisor to PA Chairman Abbas on NGOs and member of Fatah Central Committee:
“The Fatah movement is not only Palestine’s National Liberation Movement –
It is also the movement of heroes, revolutionaries, fighters, Martyrs (Shahids), wounded and detainees.
The Fatah movement is the movement of combat and armed struggle.
It is the movement of the people, the movement of honor, the movement of freedom.
It is the movement of resolve in the face of tyrants and oppressors.
It is the movement that will restore our beloved land to us.
It is the movement that will restore honor and freedom to the people.
The movement on whose principles we were educated.
It is the blood flowing in our veins.
This is the Fatah movement, in a nutshell.”