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Fatah official angered that Islamists sever ties with Syria but do little to oppose Israel

On June 15, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt announced it was severing all relations with the Syrian regime. Op-ed by member of the Fatah Leadership Committee in Gaza and regular columnist for the official PA daily Yahya Rabah:
 “I, personally, was furious and shocked these past few days after I saw political Islam (i.e., the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt) announce with great pride that it is severing relations with Syria – which were nearly severed as it is – instead of severing relations with Israel! I was shocked and furious when I saw those who call themselves the Ummah’s (Islamic Nation’s) clerics head towards Syria and proclaim Jihad against Syria – first capital of the Islamic Arab empire – without veering the slightest bit towards Jerusalem, whose residents defend these clerics’ faith.”