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US request that Al-Einein be fired for glorifying murder is “cowboy logic devoid of diplomatic tact”

On May 2, 2013, Abbas’ advisor Sultan Abu Al-Einein glorified a murderer who killed an Israeli father of five. In response, five members of US Congress wrote a letter to Abbas demanding Abu Al-Einein be removed from office. The following is a response to the US demand by Adel Abd Al-Rahman, regular columnist for the official PA daily:
     “The American government’s request that the Palestinian leadership ‘dismiss’ brother fighter Sultan Abu Al-Einein from Fatah’s Central Committee is nothing more than the continuation of that same domineering conduct that is completely at odds with the language of political and diplomatic etiquette. This interferes in Palestinian internal, political and partisan affairs, and disregards all values of diplomacy…
Leader and Fatah member Sultan Abu Al-Einein did nothing but visit a Palestinian family who had lost its son – [a son] who was forced by the occupation and hordes of settlers to oppose the Israeli actions and crimes in order to protect himself and his people by resisting an Israeli soldier who violated his basic human rights.
What Al-Einein did doesn’t matter. The American government is not allowed to interfere in internal Palestinian affairs while the Palestinian leadership labors day and night for peace…
Sultan Abu Al-Einein is one of the senior officials who believe in peace and he toils for this. He didn’t deny [this] by visiting a Palestinian family – because it is every patriotic Palestinian’s responsibility, at the very least, to console Palestinian families. The question for President Obama and all his senior government officials is: Would you allow President Putin, the President of China, the President of any European country or the Palestinian President to instruct you not to express solidarity with a oppressed American family whose son was killed by an occupying force, a criminal force or a gang? The answer of course, is a loud ‘No’; the USA would not allow anyone to interfere in its policy and internal measures and therefore the USA is not allowed to interfere in internal Palestinian affairs.
Yes, the leadership and people are largely in favor of peace. Yes, we are a small nation under Israeli occupation aspiring and striving to win independence, freedom, self-determination and to ensure the right of return. Yes, we want the support of the USA and the world’s peace forces, including Israeli peace forces– but this doesn’t mean that we will turn a blind eye to American or Israeli humiliation or humiliation by any other party. The American logic, the cowboy logic devoid of political and diplomatic tact, is unacceptable.”

Note: Sultan Abu Al-Einein is an advisor to PA Chairman Abbas on NGOs and a member of Fatah Central Committee. Despite the letter from US Congressmen, Al-Einein was not removed from office.

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