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PA TV honors two imprisoned brothers responsible for multiple suicide bombings

PA TV program Palestine this Morning discussed “Memory has Chains - and a Dagger,” a book of poems by terrorist Nasser Al-Shawish who is serving four life sentences.
Secretary-General of the Palestinian Writers’ Union, Murad Al-Sudani:

“I will mention here that Nasser Al-Shawish was sentenced to four life sentences and his brother, Khaled Al-Shawish, [to] seven life sentences. They are a resounding example of the Palestinian family’s ability to offer the real thing to oppose the Zionist occupier who harms our people and [they are an example] of our people’s ability to give. These green pages [of poetry] are a spark of joy and a sign of victory in that Nasser Al-Shawish has defeated his jailer and defeated the oppressor who tries to cover their [the prisoners’] pages and creativity.”

Note: Khaled Al-Shawish is serving 11 life sentences for orchestrating the killing of Israeli citizens Benjamin and Talia Kahana in 2000 and for involvement in suicide bombings and shootings of Israeli citizens.
Nasser Al-Shawish is serving four life sentences for his responsibility for three suicide bombing attacks, one of which took place in central Jerusalem in 2002, killing 3 civilians.