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Israelis are "tyrants who stole the land of Palestine‎" and "hijacked the heavenly Jewish religion‎"

     “In Bethlehem’s Manger Square yesterday, ‎the veil was lifted from the largest oil mural ‎in the world, during a ceremony under the ‎auspices of President Mahmoud Abbas. ‎The mural was painted by Dr. Jamal ‎Badwan ‎... who called it ‘Interreligious ‎Tolerance and Peace.’ The size of the ‎mural is 15 by 20 meters, or 310 square ‎meters; and it entered the Guinness Book ‎of World Records in 2011‎ ‎…‎
Badwan emphasized that Jerusalem, ‎which appears at the center of the painting, ‎symbolizes the resolve of our people and ‎the capital of Palestine – all of Palestine, ‎including its orchards, Acre and its walls, ‎Jaffa and its oranges, and Bethlehem and ‎its [Church of the] Nativity.‎
‎He said he had attempted to include ‎precise details pertaining to the Palestinian ‎cause and interreligious tolerance in his ‎mural, and noted that resistance is not ‎‎[carried out] with rifles alone, but also ‎through art.‎
In her speech, [PA] Tourism and ‎Antiquities Minister Rola Ma’aya ‎congratulated the artist Badwan, and said: ‎‎‘Through his mural, at the center of which ‎is Jerusalem, with its Islamic and Christian ‎holy places, and which sends a message ‎of peace to all the world from Palestine – ‎specifically, from Manger Square and the ‎city of peace – our great artist, Jamal ‎Badwan, wished [to show] that our people ‎is worthy of life…’‎
Bethlehem District Governor Abd Al-Fattah ‎Hamayel congratulated ‘the artist, Dr. ‎Jamal Badwan, on this political artwork that ‎reflects the [Palestinian] heritage.’ ‎
Hamayel said: ‘When you see the painting, ‎some may ask, ‘Where is the synagogue?’ I ‎say explicitly that Palestine is known for its ‎cultural heritage, for brotherhood, and for ‎exemplary coexistence among religions. ‎But these tyrants who stole the land of ‎Palestine, also stole the heavenly Jewish ‎religion, harnessing it in opposition to love ‎and co-existence. ‎
We suffer from the gang that hijacked the ‎heavenly Jewish religion. But Palestine ‎will remain a symbol and an ideal ‎greenhouse [in which to cultivate] ‎brotherhood.’”‎

Ma'an released the following description of the mural when it was first unveiled in Kiev in 2011:
"Badwan told Al-Jazeera's Arabic-language website that the painting was inspired by Noah's Ark. He painted the earth surrounded by people of all ethnicities, panicking as a huge flood approaches. They are led to safety by a dove through Al-Aqsa Mosque, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and a famous Kiev church."
[Ma'an English website, June 12, 2011]