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PA daily op-ed: Historically, the Jewish ‎nation never existed

Op-ed by Hafez Barghouti:
Headline: “Israel and racist extremism”‎
‎“Twenty-two years from now, Israel will be ‎older and will have a smaller percentage ‎of Jews, even though their number will ‎rise to 8.3 million, out of a total of 11.4 ‎million… Israel is still contending with ‎what can be called an identity crisis and a ‎demographic crisis. It still cannot read the ‎situation [that will exist] in historic ‎Palestine if it continues to reject the ‎establishment of an independent ‎Palestinian state, since most of the ‎population will be Arab. ‎
Therefore, when confronted with peace, it ‎flees toward establishing a legalized racist ‎state. Those who favored the proposal to ‎grant the State of Israel a Jewish identity ‎in its Declaration of Independence justify ‎this by [claiming] that [the proposal] ‎doesn’t imply a state that is Jewish in the ‎religious sense, but only in a national ‎‎[sense], despite the fact that, from a ‎historic point of view, the [Jewish] ‎nation never existed. Ancient tribes, ‎including the Arameans, the Persians, the ‎Arabs, the Europeans, and the Khazars ‎adopted it [Judaism], and even today ‎people convert [to it]; [but] it is impossible ‎to call a religion a ‘nation.’ ‎
This racist definition encounters religious ‎extremism in other religions, and ‎transforms the conflict into a futile ‎religious conflict that will never end except ‎with the destruction of one of the sides. It ‎is odd that destructive ideas like these are ‎considered by Israeli legislators at a time ‎when bloody religious conflicts rage in the ‎world.”‎