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PA Minister of Jerusalem Affairs: Israel Judaizes Jerusalem by spreading drugs

“Yesterday morning [June 27, 2013] the Jerusalem District Education Administration and the Al-Huda Association for Treatment and Rehabilitation of Addicts marked the International Day Against Drug Abuse [and Illicit Trafficking] by holding an educational conference entitled ‘The phenomenon of [drug] addiction and abuse – reality, challenges and its effect on students in Jerusalem’ under the auspices of Minister of Jerusalem Affairs and District Governor, Adnan Al-Husseini… In his speech, Minister Al-Husseini emphasized the importance of conferences such as this … He noted that drugs are not a phenomenon but a disease that must be treated very seriously in order to stop it from spreading in Jerusalem and in Palestinian society. He explained the role of the occupation and its mechanisms in spreading plagues [in Palestinian society] [and said that the occupation] has targeted the land and people of the city of Jerusalem and that drugs are one of the means used to Judaize it and force residents to immigrate and house foreigners in it [instead]. He noted furthermore that there are over 20,000 [drug] users in Palestinian society, a third of them residents of Jerusalem.”