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PA condemns Fatah official for criticizing Abbas

‎“The [PA’s] security establishment ‎condemned the statements made by ‎‎[Fatah official] Sufian Abu Zaydeh, which ‎harmed the Palestinian people and its ‎leadership. It noted that Abu Zaydeh’s ‎statements dissolve the unity of our ‎people and the social fabric by casting ‎doubt on the leadership of the Palestinian ‎people, represented by Mahmoud Abbas. ‎In a statement submitted today, Saturday, ‎the [PA’s] security establishment ‎expressed dismay at the fact that that ‎someone pretending to be a Fatah fighter ‎and leader is serving agendas hostile to ‎the Palestinian people – given that our ‎enemies are staging a fierce attack on ‎President Mahmoud Abbas aimed at ‎weakening his resolve vis-à-vis the heavy ‎pressure [he is under] to resume ‎negotiations without a halt in settlement ‎construction.”‎
From WAFA, official PA news agency

Click to view the original article by Abu Zaydeh in which he criticized Abbas.