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Jews abandoned the commandments and specialized in scheming

Host: "700 years have passed since the birth of Jesus the Christian, during which the Christians have distanced themselves from the teachings of love. The Jews have forsaken the commandments of Moses and returned to worshiping gold. [Visual; Jews in movie, depicting period of Prophets, are seen descending upon gold coins falling to the ground.]
In one of the crude tents an orphan child is born who will, in the future, become responsible for quenching the world's desire for justice, love, freedom and truth. At a distance of a few steps from his birthplace, statues of idols filled the ancient square and around the Qa`aba [holy black stone in Mecca] built by Abraham and Ishmael to be turned into a house of worship sanctified to Allah, where He alone is worshipped…. While far from Mecca, Yath'reb [previous name of Medina] became full of Jews who escaped from the Byzantines, and they landed like wolves on the most fertile land and the most important commodities, and established their villages by taking advantage of the loose Arab presence and their internal disputes. The Jewish scholars would make business of the Torah: They hid [select] pages of it, attached pages, falsified pages, and went on to become rich. And while the Jews were worshipping gold, faithfully engaging in trade, specializing in scheming, the Arabs worshipped the stones [idols], dedicated themselves to warfare and specialized in composing poetry.”