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Rajoub says sports is a "bridge between peoples," in public letter to FIFA

Contrary to Rajoub's many statements in Arabic against any joint sports activities with Israelis, Rajoub wrote an open letter to the President of FIFA in which he spoke of sports as "a bridge between people":

"Speech of General Rajoub
President of Palestine Football Association
Our esteemed guest, you are most welcomed to Palestine"

"It is my great honour and pleasure to warmly welcome Palestine’s esteemed guest, Mr. Joseph Blatter, President of FIFA, on behalf of the Palestine’s sports community; its youth and staffs, who is visiting Palestine today while stars of good sign are shining in the sky and its people are full of hope and determination to scatter the darkness imposed by aggressive measures and policies of occupation; the Palestinian people are more resolved now to make a brighter future for Palestine which is paving the road towards realizing the dream of freedom, independence and ending occupation. We definitely believe that presenting Palestine through sports and practicing different sport games by youth, along with your boundless encouragement and enforcement have made it more possible for Palestine to realize its desired goals and aspire its promising youth with new expectations and dreams; such youth that strongly believes in the noble values and humane message of sports which can bridge the gaps between peoples and help achieving their expectations and aspirations; this is a hope that we will not give up until the last moment! With all humane significance and noble values your historical visit holds, it reanimates aspiration and hope within the Palestinian people, especially youth, and soothes part of the pains they endure as a result of the aggressive measures and practices of occupation. We highly value your blessed support and assistance and we look forward for more support and more brave actions that can preserve what has been achieved so far. Moreover, such support by your Excellency can promote our presence and participation in international events which shall make our sports fields a desired destination for all sports people from different parts of the world, as we are quite confident that their arrival to Palestine can deliver clear messages to whom it may concern that the time has come to end occupation and accelerate the moment of freedom and independence to our great people. We will always regard your Excellency as symbol of noble values and source of aspiration for those who seek freedom! You are most welcomed to Palestine!"