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PA daily falsely reports that “almost naked” settler women “invaded Al-Aqsa Mosque”

“Yesterday [July 8, 2013] groups of settlers invaded the Al-Aqsa Mosque one after the other from the direction of the Mughrabi Gate, among them women in revealing clothing, almost naked. They held a religious ceremony in front of the honored Dome of the Rock and broke olive trees.
[Official Palestinian Authority news agency] WAFA’s correspondent noted that the settlers gave their children a tour of Al-Aqsa street, with heavy security of the occupation police’s special forces …
While the settlers’ children’s tour was taking place, the Temple Institute held a conference yesterday in Jerusalem, attended by [Deputy] Minister of Religious Services Rabbi Eliyahu Ben Dahan. During [the conference], he revealed a proposal for preparations for building the ‘Altar of Burnt Offering in the Temple.’
The tour given to the children of the settlers who invaded Al-Aqsa included an explanation about the alleged Temple.”