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Prisoners’ Club official: Prison doctor stole cornea from prisoner

Headline: “Tulkarem: Armilat warns of organ theft from live prisoners in occupation’s prisons ”
“A senior official in the Prisoners’ Club, Halima Armilat, warned about organ theft from prisoners by the occupation’s authorities during operations [performed] in the occupation’s prison hospitals, as happened to a prisoner from the Gaza Strip. She called on all human rights organizations and all international organizations to monitor these barbaric violations against prisoners in the occupation’s prisons and to put an end to them.
Armilat spoke during her participation in the weekly solidarity with the prisoners sit-down strike held in front of the Red Cross [offices]… Armilat provided Al-Hayat Al-Jadida with details of an organ theft from a prisoner in the occupation’s prisons. She said that prisoner Shawqi Jam’an Abu Adhra from the Gaza Strip had complained of pain in one of his eyes and went to the prison doctor who anesthetized him and operated on him without his knowledge. He removed his original cornea and replaced it with an artificial cornea. After the pain in his eye increased, he went to the prison doctor again, and was surprised to discover that he had been deceived and that his original cornea had been stolen.”