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Prisoners' Club may terminate activities due to lack of funds

Headline: “The Prisoners’ Club is in danger of terminating activities due to [delays in] salary and budget transfers”
“Branch directors of the Palestinian Prisoners’ Club from all regions of the homeland have asked Prime Minister Dr. [Rami] Hamdallah to intervene and solve the problem of the transfer of the operating budget to the Palestinian Prisoners’ Club, a transfer that has not been made these last few months.
Prisoners’ Club directors in the [West] Bank said that [the fact that] the operating budget was not transferred has worsened the financial situation in the institution. The situation has become awful: the telephones and electricity have been cut off; branch directors can no longer supply what is necessary for the institution to provide service to prisoners’ families and mothers. Employees have not received salaries these last three months. This, in addition to debts accumulated since Palestinian Prisoners Day events and since the activities in sympathy with hunger striking prisoners. The institution now faces the danger of [having to] stop fulfilling its duty to the prisoners’ cause.”